Version 1.1.1

Another Two New Languages

This update adds two more languages to the game - Hungarian and Turkish. The joy of accidentally deleting a savegame by confusing the loading and delete button in certain languages has been dealt with. We also fixed a lot of "under rare circumstances"-bugs that you kept on finding. Thank you so much for reporting!

Check out the changelog below or the CHANGELOG.txt included with this release for more details.

Version 1.1.1

  • Languages: Adds new languages - Hungarian, Turkish
  • Languages: Updates several lines in different languages
  • Sf_Edna: Fixes a bug triggering multiple takeover dialogues
  • Sf_Edna: Fixes sorting layer of some animations
  • Sf_Edna: Minor adjustments to some WalkTos to help players discovering the left part of the screen
  • Options: Switching to window mode automatically selects a lower resolution than the desktop resolution
  • Menu: Fixes an issue with the volume of randomly triggered sounds being wrong under certain circumstances
  • Bernard: Fixes hose-related lines being triggered at the same time
  • Drainpipes/FF_Corridor: Adds two missing dialogue lines
  • ParkingLot: Fixes characters not clickable on park positions
  • Menu/UI: Slight colour change to the button "Delete"
  • SecretLab: Remove topic about hamster from Dr. Freds dialogue tree if the player already found the room with the hamster
  • Lobby: Fixes talking to a character at parking position being drawn at the wrong sorting layer
  • FF_Middle: Fixes a detail with an animation transition under certain circumstances in the room's last scene
  • Audio: Fixes some small audio niggles with atmospheres and music
  • SecretLab2: Fixes a small flickering during Laverne's animation
  • Roof: Changes some visuals after Bernard has used the rope
  • Achievements: Fixes some achievements trigger not waiting for the game to become interactive again

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Version 1.1.1 23 days ago

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Why don't you use something like crowdfunding? Many people would be proud of contributing to this project after having played this prologue. 

I have a question

The return of the tenticle it will be full game or just a prologue

Thank you