Version 1.0.2

Today, we have another update for you! We fixed some rare gamebreaks, small graphical glitches and changed some lines to be more supportive to the player in certain situations.

But the greatest part about this update is: our audio mixing now supports mono. Audiophiles, this one is for you!

You can find more details, possibly containing spoilers, in the changelog below or in the changelog.txt file included with the game. Please use the app to get the latest version automatically :) 

Version 1.0.2

  • Kitchen: Fixes a rare case of the microwave breaking the game
  • Sf_ed: Fixes being stuck in Ed's room under certain conditions
  • Kitchen: The microwave can be started a second time with certain objects
  • Sf_edna: Fixes the wrong entity appearing on the lever in a certain situation
  • Sf_edna: Changes some entity names to help in certain situations
  • Lines: Adds a forgotten combination line
  • Audio/DSP: Workaround Unity detecting wrong speaker layouts by comparing with channel size
  • Languages: Fixes some typos and update languages from translators
  • MouseCursor: Mouse is locked in the game window if the game runs in fullscreen
  • Characters: Characters actually tell you they want to keep the crowbar
  • SecretLab: Fixes Hoagie pulling out the sign at a wrong position under certain conditions
  • SecretLab: Fixes a small graphical glitch at the sign stuck in the sludge-o-matic
  • Attic2: Using coin on the arcades triggers a special fail line
  • ParkingLot: Fixes straws not being visible - Lobby: Fixes takeover dialogue not triggering
  • Achievements: Updates stats
  • Achievements: Fixes some achievements not triggering in certain situations
  • Resolution: Removes the possibility to select resolutions below 640x480
  • DrFred: Fixes Dr. Freds head disappering in certain situations
  • Updates README.txt

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Version 1.0.2 Jul 26, 2018 1,022 MB
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Version 1.0.2 Jul 26, 2018

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